How to Feed your Sourdough Starter without measuring

Sourdough starters were the hit counter pet of the 2020 yeast shortage. With bread hard to find and yeast still even more impossible to source, the masses turned back to traditional wild yeast. What many found after carefully tending the symbiotic colonies of yeast however, is that feeding something as often as you feed your pet that never snuggles on the couch sucks. Pulling out the kitchen scale, carefully measuring, discarding half, and tending the bubbly starter loses its sparkle quickly. But the bread! The delicious, tangy, healthful sourdough stays delicious.

After three years of tending starters dutifully before letting them die on the counter, or putting them in the back of the fridge for so long even the healthiest starter can’t survive, I can say we’ve finally found how to simplify starter care in a way that works for a house with no time for fuss.

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