Our Story

We had always dreamed of homesteading. Then one day we decided to do it.

We (T.D. and Shannon Higgins) got married in 2016 in our early twenties, and we bought a little house in the backwoods of Kentucky with a big dream: to have a homestead. But, I (T.D.) had a career, and Shannon was kept occupied by a quick succession of beautiful baby girls. Then one day, life changed. Suddenly there was no career to worry about, and the girls had gotten older. During the great Kentucky blizzard of 2021, we were snowed in the house for two days. I looked at Shannon and said, “Let’s start a homestead.” And boom: here we are.

So, what’s with the 1689?

The “1689” in our name references the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. Our identity is, first and foremost, found in the Lord Jesus Christ. The main driving force behind starting this homestead was to give us the freedom and the means to better serve the cause of the kingdom of God. If you are interested in learning more about what we believe, or have any questions about historic Baptist belief, you can visit The Baptist Ploughboy (T.D.’s personal blog) or email tommy@1689homestead.com.